Saturday, March 4, 2017

Opening Day and DI

Saturday, was a busy busy day for us.  Well, I should say morning.  
We got up and going pretty early to get Zak and Chase to the parade festivities.  It was Colt's first parade to watch and he had a blast catching candy and beads! Chase and his team looked so cute! Chase didn't have a game so he and Zak jumped out of the truck after the parade and headed to meet Colt and I in Katy at Colton's Destination Imagination competition.   
Colton competed with the Rainbow Popsicles.  Their task was to "save the day" using a complex machine that they created.  Their story was all about a lady (Addy) who was baking a cake and her house caught on fire.  Her cat, Rocket (Audrey), got stuck on the roof.  The fire fighters (Colt and Brody) came and put the fire out but couldn't get the cat down.  They called The Super Squad (Leah, Amiah and Jackson) to SAVE THE DAY! The Super Squade brought out their Super Slide a pulley and a inclined plain that helped get the cat down.  
The day was saved!  
They had an awesome performance! 

One activity ends and another begins!  

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