Saturday, June 24, 2017



Our Celebrating started the night before your birthday with dinner at PDQ, so you could get soda from their fancy soda machine and dessert at the Waller Bucees! 
We ended the evening with an early present for you (and a late gift for chase!)

This morning, we started with gifts and donuts! You are such a little engineer.  You had to stop between every gift, get out the directions and put your toys together.

At 12 the family came over for lunch (pizza and mcdonalds nuggets!) cake by Gaga and presents.  It's been a rainy day so you played inside with everyone!  
 You wanted a photo booth like your brother but you DID not want to stop for pictures! 

Colton, We love you so much!  We are so proud of you and and the kid you are growing up to be.  I love your snuggles that only mom gets and dad loves that you both have the same love for the outdoors.  You make our lives better and we are so proud to be your mom and dad! 


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