Sunday, January 31, 2010


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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beautiful Thursday!

The weather was beautiful here in Houston today so this morning Colton and I headed out for a walk around the neighborhood and a trip to the park. We had the park to ourselves and had so much fun! It was so sunny out some of the pictures didn't turn out as good as I hoped. He liked climbing up the slides as much as he likes sliding down.

We walked up these stairs many many many times. There were about 8 steps and every time Colton pulled himself up a step he grunted. I think that helped him make it up. It was so funny.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Houston Half Marathon

This morning we headed downtown to cheer on Aunt Becky and Grandad at the Houston Marathon. It was a beautiful beautiful morning and we really had a good time watching all of the runners!
Here is Colton getting ready to cheer them on. This is my attempt at taking a picture of the 1st full marathon runner.
He's behind the flag... Gosh he was fast!
There is Aunt Becky and Grandad with a finish time of 2 hours 46 minutes and 35 seconds at 9:57 this morning!!!!
13.1 miles!

Colton loved Aunt Becky's medal.
Maybe one day we will be cheering him across the finish line.

To say I am proud is an understatement. They both worked really hard for this and I think its a huge accomplishment! WAY TO GO GUYS!!!! We love you!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

18 months and changes in 2010

On Christmas Eve Colton turned 18 months. 18 months sounds so old when I say it but then I look at him, with his big personality, and he seems even older. He's such a big boy now and sadly I don't see much baby in him. When I pick him up and hold him I'm always stunned at how long and heavy he is. He is growing like a weed. We went in for his 18 month check up at the beginning of January and he weighed almost 27 lbs and was 33.5 inches tall.
When Colton turned 18 months we decide a few changes needed to be put in place.
January 1st 2010 was a great day to start!
First off, Colton is now binki free. I don't think it was a hard transition for him but mommy has had a really really tough time with it. I thought since he wasn't overly attached we should try to take it from him before he became too attached and could ask to have it back. I was at the mall before Christmas and I saw a little girl who was 5 years old, maybe older, with a binki and I thought no way, not my kid! I washed all the binkis and put them away for emergency use only. In two weeks we haven't needed one so I think they are headed for the trash. (Maybe Ill keep just one!)
Secondly, Colton went from 3 bottles to 1. Again, Colton was a champ about this but mommy had a really hard time with it. Anyone who has toddlers knows they don't sit still, ever. Bottle time was our cuddle time in the morning and before nap so it was hard to give that up. We still give him a bottle at night but during the day he drinks from his own big boy cups (and I squeeze in as many cuddle sessions as I can).
We're also noticing small victories around the house, the best one, I think, is being able to keep the dog bowls on the floor for Sadie. Huge for us, and for poor Sadie. Now, if only we could leave Chloe (the cat's) food on the floor and know Sadie would stay out of it!
There are still some things we are working on, even though Colton is growing like a weed, he is still a very picky eater. He loves to sit at the dinner table with us and chat away. On occasion he will be so busy talking that he will accidentally eat a chicken nugget I snuck in with his fish sticks. We are still working on finding a variety of healthy things he likes to eat but for now we offer him what we eat but let him eat what he likes (since its all pretty healthy aside from the fish sticks).
2010 has brought a full set of teeth as he cut his fourth eye tooth last week and now has 16 teeth! Thank goodness those are done, those sharp teeth must really hurt coming in. I know there are more to come but for now I hope he might have a little break.
2010 might have even brought a couple of career ideas.
Maybe construction work? Or perhaps golfing (while working construction)?

I am so proud of our little guy, he brings a smile to my face every single day. I know 2010 is going to be a fun year and I'm looking forward to watching Colton grow and learn. I am so excited about all the memories we will make with our big boy this year.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Zak!!!

Today was Zak's 30th birthday.
We have been celebrating since last weekend. He deserves a big celebration and that's just what he got!
Last Saturday we had a few close friends over for the UFC fight. We had so much fun celebrating with friends from near and far.

This past Wednesday we went, with our neighbors, to Puffabellys in Spring. Puffabellys a restaurant that has live Texas music every Wednesday and Zak's been wanting to go for quite some time so I decided it was time to take him. We saw Davin James and Ken Gains. It was a really neat laid back atmosphere.
This morning, when we all woke up, we headed over to Zak's parents. Zak's mom made homemade sausage biscuit and gravy. We finished off the morning with a spice birthday cake. Colton helped Grandma put the candles on the cake and helped daddy blow them out. After we all finished singing happy birthday to Zak, Colton did his own little rendition. (He loves to sing.)

We ended Zaks birthday with a trip to BJs Brewhouse for a birthday dinner with my parents and sister.
Zak, I hope your 30th was a special birthday you'll never forget. It was fun for me to plan a few things I knew you'd enjoy. You work so hard for your family and your birthday is a time that I can really show you how much you are appreciated. I love you very very much and I hope that you enjoyed your birthday!