Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Happy #6!

Happy 6th Birthday Chase Man Zakary!
We love you so much and we are so proud of the kid you are growing up to be.  You have the sweetest heart!  This year you would come home from school with hand written thank yous that you worked on during your free time to give to people to thank them.  (Thank you cards for your Coaches at your end of year party or bracelets for the Deihl Family after giving you a gift.) You are so thoughtful and caring.  You love Pokemon, your iPad and watching you tube,  spinners, dancing, playing games, dabbing, baseball, playing any type of game that involves a ball, making car tracks with your brother and reading.  And, man, you are a good reader.  You try to read everything around you! You are a few lessons into swimming.  I can't say you love it, but you are getting more and more comfortable with it.  You are supper super silly.  You are always making gross boy jokes to make others laugh.  You walk around twerking and striking silly poses to make others laugh.  You eat, a lot.  You love a good meal and you always surprise us at how much you can and will eat if the time is given.  That being said, you are not a fast eater.  At all.  You love to help others but you are not a great cleaner upper.  You loose focus really fast and just throw your stuff into your room if I ask you to put something away. Organizing and keeping things picked up is not your thing.   But, you are always asking to help.  
We are so lucky to be your mom and dad.  
Mom dad and Bubby all love you so much! 
Love, Mommy

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