Sunday, May 24, 2009

11 months old!

You are growing way too fast little man...

In the past month you have gone from three teeth to seven teeth. Those teeth have caused you a lot of pain and a lot of sleepless nights. They have also helped you start eating everything in sight from chicken nuggets to green beans and macaroni, and not that the teeth help you, but even some ice cream too.

You have become quiet the little dancer you shake your head and your little bottom and bend your knees smile and scream. We can't help but dance along with you!

You love toys that roll, your turtle and your tonka bus have to be some of your favorite toys. Your most favorite thing to play with right now is the doggy kennel. Probably not the safest thing to play with, but no matter how hard we try, we just can't keep you away. You also love things that open and shut and anything you can put into something and take out.

You are discovering everything, and I mean everything. If our head is turned for a second you are out of sight playing in a drawer, with Sadies food, opening and shutting the door, and yes, you have even found a yucky trash can or two. Your a fast little dude!
Since around 10 months when you got your third tooth, sleeping through the night has been a thing of the past. 4-5 nights a week you are up atleast once for an hour or so.

You hate to miss out on anything! If there's anything going on you squirm and wiggle free while we are trying to rock you. You don't have to be the center of attention, although most of the time you are, you just want to be with everyone so you don't have to miss out on a minute of anything fun.

You understand "no-no" and you hate those words! When we say it you stop what your doing, look at us with sad puppy dog eyes and the dinosaur tears start. Its hard not to give into you.

You are also showing us that you really know who "mama" and "dada" are. You call for us when your unhappy or excited and it is music to our ears.

You are still the happiest baby we know. When we take you out to a restaurant you get so excited you scream and laugh. Your not like most babies we see, you are so happy and quite loud about it. We feel like we are bothering others, then we look up and see how many people are smiling at you and commenting on what a cutie you are. We can't disagree.

You are the most amazing little guy and mommy is counting down the days ( 11 ) until I can stay at home with you! Plans are well underway for your first birthday and we just can not believe how fast this year has gone. Happy 11 months Little Man!

And now for your viewing pleasure... a few outtakes! (This was the hardest month BY FAR!)


JandKStaats said...

YaY! I can not believe he is that old. I am ready for his birthday party!!

Amazing Greis said...

I can't believe my "little" Colton Bear is almost 1. Time has flown so fast. I can't wait to see yall, hopefully soon. Can't wait for the BIG birthday party. Wow, less than 2 weeks til school is out. So exciting.

I am Trish Marie said...

Love the pictures! They make me laugh and remind me so much of my attempts to get a Christmas picture one year. Hundreds of pictures, not one I could use! I ended up making a Christmas card with a collage of all of the bad shots!