Monday, November 29, 2010


As promised, I've been blogging like crazy. Here is blog # 3 in less than 24 hours!

This blog was a little hard for me to write because this was a "no girls allowed" outing so I wasn't there to hear and see all the details.

On Sunday, Zak took Colton, his dad and brother to Autorama. Colton was in heaven with all the cars. Zak told me the first thing Colton said when they walked in was "Whooooooa Daddy!" with big wide excited eyes.

I hope I did Zak proud choosing some pictures to post. (I tried not to post just "pretty" cars.) I am proud of him for taking so many pictures with Colton. (I have rubbed off on him over the years.)

I'll leave you with a few pictures. I chose a lot of pictures with Colton in them since I have no idea what kind of cars we're looking at.

I see this becoming a yearly tradition for the Day boys!

Thanksgiving in Idalou

This year we spent Thanksgiving in Idalou Texas with all of my family just like we have for the past 5 or 6 Thanksgivings. I'd like to say we had a nice relaxing time with family, and we did, but we had a few challenges thrown our way this trip. On Friday evening Colton and I loaded up with my parents and sister and left Zak to finish out his work week (he came up Tuesday night). We started our 8 hour journey and Colton did really great trapped in his car seat. He seemed hot but I thought it was just from being in the car for so long. On Saturday morning we woke up to a happy but very lethargic little Colton. He spent the day going from person to person rocking and cuddling. I took his temperature a few times throughout the day and by 5:00 it was up to 103.9. The highest its ever been. I knew something was going on so I called his pediatrician and she told me to take him straight in to the ER. We found a clinic that was still open and took him straight in. The Dr. saw him and immediately and knew it was Strep. I felt so bad for my poor little man. To be honest this was the first time, ever he'd been really sick (how lucky are we!). Hes has a few little colds here and there but nothing that he's ever needed medication for. The Dr. loaded us up on prescriptions and sent us on our way. I thought for sure the whole house would catch it but we didn't, thankfully. The medicine started to work very quickly but gave Colton an awful tummy ache. He powered through it though. As the week progressed he got so much better. As he got better, his behavior got worse. He was out of his element and had been so spoiled while he was sick he wanted everything his way and didn't understand why we wouldn't give into him. It was a challenge. He was a handful the entire trip and was exhausting for everyone around. Beside the illness and terrible two's (times 100) in full force our trip was a success.
We enjoyed lots of trips into town. (Mostly to Target , I think we went 3 or 4 times).
We enjoyed many mornings in the kitchen in our Pjs.
We enjoyed "country living".
We enjoyed late night treats from the local DQ.
We enjoyed helping out around the house.
We enjoyed lots and lots of family time and playing.

We enjoyed a trip to see the Polar Express Choo-Choo.

We enjoyed meals out. (Colton was judging a playdough contest between Daddy, Grandad, and Baa to see who could make the best plane. Not sure who won.)
We enjoyed lots of naps and rocking.
And more playtime.
We enjoyed our first tree climbing experience.
But most of all we enjoyed our time with our MeeMaw. Shes and incredible lady who does so much for us and shows us so much love. We love the time we get to spend with her and cherish our trips to visit.

Our family is so Thankful we have such amazing family surrounding us. We enjoyed our time with the Harrison side of the family and thought a lot about the Day side of the family we had to leave behind. What a blessing it is to be able to spend time with both of our families on a regular basis. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oil Ranch Field Trip

I am behind in blogs so get ready I'm catching up this week!

A couple weeks ago my class had a field trip to the Oil Ranch in Hockley. Instead of taking Colton into school I thought he'd really enjoy himself and I brought him with me. The kids (and parents in fact) are so sweet to Colton. He had an absolute blast!
"Gagies" (Tractors) one of his favorite things in the world!
His rock collection.
One of FIVE rides on the "choo-choo".
On the hayride with Ms. Mory.
Getting ready to feed the cows.
Let me tell you a funny story about this cow here. Colton was trying to throw the food at his face. I though I'd show him how to hold his hand out and feed the cow. As you can see we were sitting where there was no railing so he got right up to us. Instead of eating just the food the cow ate my entire arm. I was so startled I jumped back and out of the way and Colton just sat there looking shocked. Thankfully cows don't have top teeth so the bite didn't hurt just startled me and left my whole arm gooey. GROSS! I threw the last piece of food at him. Colton was right that's how you should feed cows!
Here we are back on the train!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Bows or Baseballs...The Details

Thank you so much for your sweet comments and phone calls. We are so excited to share our news with you. I thought I'd go ahead and document everything so one day we can look back on all the details.

On the morning of Sept 24th I woke up really early with a sneaking suspicion that I might be pregnant. So at about 5 :45 I finally got out of bed, threw on some clothes and headed to Walmart. When I got home I told Zak, who was still asleep, I was going to take a pregnancy test. I knew he heard me but I knew he was still fast asleep and had no clue what was going on. After I took the test, and waited what felt like forever for that 2 minutes to pass, I saw the + on the screen.
After reading the directions over and over, and checking that I had read it right, I stood over Zak and said, "Do you want to see the test?" I know he wondered what on earth was going on but he jumped up quickly and had the best reaction. We've known that we wanted to have another baby for a while now we just wanted to the timing to be just right. I think the timing is perfect!

I called that day to make an appointment with my Dr. but the appointment wasn't for a month later. After a little research and calculating online I figured I was exactly 4 weeks pregnant and I thought the due date would be June 3rd 2011.

I went out immediately to buy Colton a "Big Brother" shirt. We couldn't keep the secret from our family so we used the shirt to tell our family our exciting news.
We also told Colton right away that he was going to be a big brother. When you ask him, "Where is the baby? " He points to my tummy and says "Mommys baby." We know he has no idea what is about to happen but we know he will be a big help and make an awesome big brother.

At 5 weeks morning sickness started to kick in. For a few weeks it was really bad. So bad, I could barely get out of bed and wondered how long I could do this for. Poor Colton has suffered along with me. We had to miss out on MOPS meetings, playdates and other fun outings. He's been so good to his mommy, letting me lay on the couch and rest while he brings me every car in the house and plays on his own. After a few really tough weeks God graced me with a good week. I guess it was to remind me that I could do it. Since my good week my days have been up and down. It sounds silly but I feel different and at the same time similar to how I felt with Colton. Some things are worse this time around and some things, like my sense of smell, aren't so bad. I have so many food aversions but I'm always starving. Not much ever sounds very appetizing, especially during the day. At night I'm usually able to eat a good meal and during the day I just try to eat small meals, often. The exhaustion is bad. Having a full time job is nothing on having a toddler. I've also suffered from some pretty bad headaches and two horribly long colds. The exciting part, this time, is knowing how worth it all of this will be in the end. Looking at Colton each day reminds me that this pain and suffering will be over before I know it and we will have another little one running around to love.

On October 25th we went in for our first Dr. visit. After being there almost 4 hours, and missing out on seeing the Dr. because she had to leave for a delivery, we end up getting to see our baby. (I think the nurse felt bad for our long wait and fit us in with the ultra sound tech.) Baby Day measured at 8 weeks and 3 days, which is exactly where we thought we were and had a heart beat of 163 bpm. We were over the moon to see that things were going well.

We are excited about what's to come. It seems like its all been going so much faster this time. I guess life is just a little busier this time around. I am 11 weeks today and the past week has been pretty good. My morning sickness has not been as bad as it was in past weeks (knock on wood) and I have had a little more energy to get up and going. I hope that the worst of the sickness is over and that I really get to enjoy this pregnancy. We are excited to find out what we will be having in January. Either way, boy or girl, we will be so happy. I thought I'd just have to have a girl this time around but honestly I've had so much fun with Colton that I'd love to have another boy. So, bows or baseballs I just pray for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy number 2.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Colton's going to be a...

We couldn't be more excited that
our family of three will become a family of FOUR this summer!

Baby Day...Due June 3, 2011

Sunday, November 7, 2010

At 2 Years, 4 Months, and 2 weeks old

At 2 years, 4 months and 2 weeks old I think you are in the best stage yet.

You are...
sweet, talkative, curious, fussy, determined, all-boy, playful, mischievous, adorable, sneaky, loving, kind, helpful, smart

You love going to school. It took a while but you now walk straight in and start playing with no tears (and no more hugs for mommy). You really love napping on your nap mat. Your teachers are Ms. Shirley and Ms. Leslie.

My favorite part of the day with you is after bath and prayers sitting rocking with your cars and a book.

You love all animals. You love when Sadie and Chloe hang around you. You always tell them bye -bye when we leave the house and you check on them throughout the day.

You get mad when...
you don't get your way, we don't let you have snacks, Sadie gets in your way.

You deal with your anger by hitting (but not at school) or screaming and crying. Time out doesn't he;p, spanking doesn't help, so we just try to ignore you or not give you waht you want. It works sometimes.

If we would let you you you'd stay outside all day long.

You are not a big dancer but if there's a really good catchy beat you'll sway your head or rock your arms a little bit. It has to be a good song though.

You have finally decided that a little cuddle time in the middle of the day is okay. Every now and then you'll just come and hug me and want to sit and cuddle for a while. I love it!

You don't like to be wet or dirty. You don't mind digging or playing in the mud and dirt as long as you can clean up quick.

When mommy sings The Itsy Bitsy Spider you beg for more every time I stop.

Sleeping is your specialty. You are a phenomenal sleeper and always have been. You go straight down at night and most nap times you go down easily as well. You usually have a three hour nap and sleep from about 8 to 8 at night.

Your favorite Toys are your ...
cars, trains, boats, and airplanes

You talk all day long. Sometimes you speak your own little language but you understand it just perfect and are very patient with us when we don't understand just right. Some of the works I love to hear you say are...

Tractor "gagie", Juice "uce", Sadie "say say", Muddy "mueee", Fight- when you say fight you always say "fight nose", Donut holes "holes", Thank you "ta to" and you will add mommy or daddy or who ever your saying it to, please "peas" when you don't get your way you'll add a "peas" and sweet look to whatever you want, Ready-set-go "go set GO", Mine "mes", if someone sneezes you say "bess".

You wake up in the morning and play and sing in your crib. You love being in there but your big boy bed is right around the corner.

You love to see Fish on TV you also love to watch Chuggington and CARS of course. Your favorite sport to watch is Super Cross.

You are finally good at brushing your teeth and you actually enjoy it.

You have pee peed on the potty at school a few times and you try a lot at home as well. We haven't started full blown potty training but we are almost there. We are working on the amount of time you sit there. You'd sit on the potty all day and chat away.

One of my favorite school stories is that Ms. Lesli was letting your classmates go potty and looked up to see you just standing in line waiting to use the potty. I was so proud.

You enjoy haircuts, specially knowing that you get a sucker or two while your there.
Yesterday you and daddy made a whole morning of a haircut. You stared out at the "hole" store and headed for a haircut. Then, you came home with a brand new remote control truck. You really enjoyed your morning with daddy.

We go to Friday Night Dinner every Friday with Nanny and Grandad and you usually do a really great job in the restaurants.

You are the pickiest eater, EVER! Cheese, crackers, bread, yogurt, some fruits, fries, mac and cheese, and fish sticks are some of the only things you'll eat for us. On occasion you ll try something else. You've tried a few bites of nuggets but don't love them, you've also tried beans, sausage, broccoli, and rice. You're just not a fan of change. One day you'll be eating me out of house and home.

You'd rather ride in daddy's truck than mommy's boring car and you love riding with daddy on his 4 wheeler.

You love looking at pictures and picking out people you know and love.

Since school has started I see you becoming more independent when you play. You like to have us around and in the same room but you don't need us to play with you. You use your imagination.

Every time we go outside you look for the neighbors. You love having Matt, Crockett "Cocket" and Mandi "Me" around all the time.

You love to play hide and seek. Everytime someone walks through the front door you scream "hide, hide, hide" and cover your face and try to get down low.

I feel like in every stage of your life I say, "This is the best time." That only tells me that there is so much more fun to come!

Monday, November 1, 2010

HApPy hAllOWeEn

We had a really great Halloween. It started out with a lot of doubt. You see, this was what Colton was suppose to wear last night but after nap, as I tried to velcro the vest to the black sweatsuit he flipped out. I was okay with him wearing just the black sweatsuit but his daddy wasn't. So, at 4:30 yesterday Zak headed out for a whole new costume. (For someone who hates Halloween he sure is a sucker for his little boy.)Grandad, Gaga, and PawPaw came over to go trick-or-treating with us and came bearing gifts of cars, monster trucks, and candy.

Here is our Lil' Frankenstein in his brand new, handpicked by daddy costume. Not too bad for two hours before trick-or-treating!!!
The"guys" came over to go around with us.
As we were leaving Colton thought he might like to wear BOTH costumes!
Grandad brought silly string for the kids. Colton DID NOT like getting sprayed but loved spraying everyone else!
Colton and "Bea" in their ride for the night.
And we're off...
The "Guys" (AKA- Landry and Logan) were so great with Colton and Barrett. They waited at every door for the boys.
Colton wanted to ride in the wagon between every house but jumped out and ran to the door when he saw lights on. He enjoyed himself so much and was a blast to watch! We had to take the candy out of his bucket after every house because he was determined to eat every single piece.
On a huge candy high, he just wanted to get home to play with his cars.
And play he did. That costume was hot and he was ready to get out of it. (Notice the candy on his cute face.)
He got a bath and brushed his teeth and continued to play til about 10 o'clock. He would have played all night if we let him but mommy and daddy were pooped!

It was our best Halloween yet and I know next year will only get better until then we have enough candy to last!!!