Thursday, April 5, 2012

First Field Trip

Today Colt and I went on his first Field Trip. His preschool class met up at Bear Creek park for playing, egg hunting and a picnic.
It started out as a cloudy misty day but turned out to be just beautiful!

Colton enjoyed the TWO playgrounds with lots to climb and about 10 slides.

 He refused to take a picture with me.
 Swinging with Cooper from Mrs. Morgan's class.
 Getting ready for the egg hunt.

He was timid at first and wanted to make sure I was there with him but he had no trouble picking up 12 eggs.

 Still not cooperating for a picture.
 And, REFUSED to take a class picture.  Notice the hole. If I was better at photo shop, I'd crop him in. 
 Picnic lunch with Josiah and Case (across the table).
 He had the best time with Zach and Josiah after lunch.  They played so hard and laughed so loud!
And, one last attempt at a staged picture.  
Not happening!
Mrs. Guerrero and Mrs. Leeanne



chemotherapy said...

I still consider myself a SAHM who gets to do something she loves 10 hours a week with one of her babies baby by her side. Its a perfect situation for our family! Our second son.

Kellie Staats said...

I love how he hides from the camera! :)