Friday, April 20, 2012

Just what we needed...

This mornning Zak surprised us all and told us he had taken the day off.  He told us to get up and get dressed because we had a day of fun planned.

We started out at "The Boat Show".
 Then headed to Chuckie Cheese.

 CiCis for lunch.
 And, a trip to the Lego store ended our afternoon.
We ended the day at Friday Night Dinner and playing at our house with Nanny and Grandad and MiMi and B.
There were a few meltdowns and lots of laughs. We enjoyed our day out playing. It was exactly what we all needed!



Leah J. said...

Love it!!!!

Missy said...

Hey Catherine - shoot me an email with your email address or phone number and I can let you know my experience (not that it is right or perfect!) but maybe it will help you get a plan in place for you and your little one. :)