Monday, November 28, 2011

Half Birthday

Dear Chase,

You celebrated your half birthday in Idalou TX at your MeeMaws house with all of Mommy's family. I can hardly believe that you are 6 months old. You are growing and changing so fast, too fast!

Here are some of the things going on...

You are wearing 6 and 9 month pants and mostly 9 month onsies.

You are still in those size two diapers.

You are getting on a really good feeding schedule and eat at about 7am, 11:30 am, 3, 5:50, and 8 with two "meals", usually in the morning and evening.

You have tried all of the level one veggies and all but one fruit (prunes). You love apples and pears and you don't love peas.

You eat about 7 to 8 ounces in a bottle.

You sleep from about 8:15 at night to 5ish in the morning. At around 5 you wake up and cry or fuss for a little bit and go back to sleep for about an hour.

You have 2 to 3 good naps in a day and cat naps here and there. The car doesn't put you to sleep like it use to your brother.

For a while you were choking a little more often. Its getting better.

You spit up quite a lot. Specially if you move around too much.

You smile so big when you see mommy, daddy or brother.

Brother loves to hold you and you don't mind at all.

When you are nursed you eat very quickly. (About 10 minutes)

When you are done eating you like to have your binki right away.

You love your exersaucer but only for small periods of time.

You chew on anything. Books, ornaments, burp rags...

Recently you found your tongue and you chew on that too.

Your eyes are so big and blue and everyone always tells us how pretty they are.

You did great on your first car trip. (9 hours to and from MeeMaws. Only the last hour or two were tough.)

You are talking a lot. You get very serious when you talk. You are making new sounds. "DaDaDa" is the latest.

You watch everything that goes into our mouths like you want to try it.

You had a nasty little cold this month and you ran fever and got a bad cough. You had to sleep in your car seat for a few nights.

Your first vacation was a success. You got so much love.

You respond to your name.

We are working on sitting up unassisted. You're getting closer but we still have a way to go.

Your head control is great and mommy can carry you on her hip now.

You are a roly poly. You will not lay on your back you immediately roll over to your tummy and you don't really like that. We have trouble laying you on the floor because you get onto your tummy and you are not happy just laying there. I think you want to take off.

You put a lot of weight on your legs and stand holding our fingers for long periods.

Everything goes straight in your mouth.

No signs of teeth yet but I have a feeling we may see some soon.

You bounce so hard in your bouncy seat daddy says you're going to give yourself shaken baby syndrome.

You watch everything your brother does.

You will let anyone hold you as long as you can see whats going on.

You love love love to watch TV.

You sleep on your side or your back. In the mornings sometimes you'll flip to your tummy for a few minutes before you wake up.

And now for some pictures...

first road trip/ vacation

Rolling over...

You are so special. We love you more than anything in the world.


Lauri said...

Has it been 6 months already?? He is such a handsome little guy, I can certainly see why you're in love! :-)

AmazingGreis said...

So sweet! Happy 1/2 Birthday Chase! Miss you guys!