Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mickey Mouse, an Airplane and a Monster

The night before Halloween, we had a pumpkin painting/ carving party in our kitchen.

Colton painted a pumpkin for him and one for his brother too.

Zak is great at carving pumpkins and Colton was quite an artist when it came to painting.

For Halloween,

Chase was a MONSTER.

Colt was an AIRPLANE.


and Grandad came over to see the boys before we headed out.

They brought Colton a new Lego set and Colton wanted to put it together right away. Grandad didn't mind. ( I think he was more excited about it than Colton.)

I love this picture. I love how little Chase looks next to big brother.



and PawPaw came over to walk with us.

Our family!

Colton and Addy

Mr. Erick and Chase

The neighborhood kids

We walked around with Mckenna and Addy.There were 4 kids and a ton of adults.This is how Chase Trick-or-Treated.Baa joined us halfway through.A house in our neighborhood builds pretty spectacular things in their yard each year. This year they had a castle haunted house.

Frankenstein was there.The boys really made out well in the candy department.


Lauri said...

So fun! I have to admit, I LOVE trick-or-treating with the kids. So neat to see them soak in all the fun (and candy, lol)! And that pumpkin is something else!

The McAlister's said...

How sweet! Look like you all had a lot of fun! And you know what..I think that Chase looks a lot like your Mom in the picture of the two of them!

Jessica said...

absolutely LOVE the airplane costume!