Sunday, February 19, 2012

iPhone Dump

 My iPhone has become my primary way to document our days since it's always with me.   I take pictures of the good bad and ugly parts of our days,  I text Zak and family (too much I'm sure) throughout the day to let them know all of our going ons. With 1,000+ pictures on my iPhone (That I've only had for 7 months) there are always pictures that I love that never make it into a blog.   I thought I'd go through and pick a few of my favorites.  These only go back through December.  

I had to start with this one.  Makes me laugh.  It's just how our day goes some days.  
Colt thinks everything that is Chases  is his too.
 Playing tough with daddy.
 Intense playtime.
Intense game time.
 Nice hats!
 Colt took this picture while we played outside one afternoon.
 Colt and Uncle Bob reading Yo Gabba Gabba.
 Out for a little Sunday drive.
 We love you THIS much Daddy!
 Crazy hair!
 Daddy's new toy and his "Robinhood" arrows.
 Must wear a helmet and welding glasses while riding.
 Where's big brother?
 Sleepy boys.
 Playing in a tent out front with Noah.
 P and Chase.
 Colton's dream bed at Rooms To Go.
 Fun at the park.
 Party City. Colt Chose a pink balloon with a pink string. Chase thought he was so funny.
 Colton matching his colors.
 Picnic inside on a rainy day.


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Lauri said...

I simply LOVE the first photo!! That is such a classic!