Sunday, February 12, 2012

A trip to Tay Tay

Yesterday, we took a little road trip to Georgetown Texas to visit Aunt Tay Tay (Robbie was there visiting from SFA). The boys did great on the drive up.  When we got there we went to see Tay Tays apartment on campus.  Shortly after we headed to CiCis for lunch.  After CiCis we headed to a local park and we all had a great time.  Unfortunately, it was a little cold out so we couldn't stay too long.    I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures but I snapped a few at the park.

 After hanging out that afternoon we jumped back in the truck and head to Buda Tx. to visit Cabela's. 
Colton loved it but it didn't have any boats so he was a little bummed out.  It was full of taxidermy animals and had a huge walk through fish aquarium so he really enjoyed that.

After some looking around we had a quick dinner at the Cabela's restaurant.  We put PJs on and headed home.  
It was a really fun day. We enjoyed hanging out with TayTay and Robbie so much.
Thanks for having us!!!

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