Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dear Nanny

Dear Nanny,

You have been in England for almost a week now and everyone really misses you but I think I miss you the most! I miss hanging out at your house and "talking". Don't tell Daddy, but I even miss going shopping with you and Mommy. We have been real busy since you left and Mommy has taken more pictures than normal, just for you she says. (I think its just a good excuse to take more pictures. I know I'm cute but come on Mom!) We had a fun weekend. Mom already posted those pictures. This week has been pretty fun so far too. On Monday we just hung out at home. Daddy taught me to fly like Super Man.
I also had a really fun bath. I was all wrinkled by the time I got out. You know bath time is my favorite part of the day!
Last night (Tuesday) we went over to Grandma and PawPaws. Aunt Ginny was in from California so Grandma cooked fried chicken, mash potatoes, corn on the cob and homemade biscuits. I played with Nana and PawPaw on the floor for ever and then I had to watch everyone eat that yummy dinner.

I had a bit of a tough night because I think something bit me. I cried for a real long time and my leg got all red. It really worried everyone, but I was okay. After lots of tears it started to feel better and I played my little heart out until we left.
Tonight Grandad came over and Mommy made Enchiladas and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. I slept through dinner tonight so I didn't know what I was missing out on. When I woke up Grandad fed me and then Daddy and Grandad put together my exasaucer. You can see Sadie helped!
Its just a little too soon for me to really have fun in it. We will have to try it out again when I can hold myslef up a little better and I figure out how to play with all of the toys on it. I enjoyed it for about 2 minutes then I was over it!
I am still sleeping through he night. Last night I slept for 10 hours! Mommy had to come in and wake me up this morning. I love the mornings, as soon as I see Mommy I give her the biggest smile. She thinks its because I see here but really I know food is coming! I also decided today that I don't need my binki, I like my fingers much better! When my fingers fall out of my mouth I can put them back in all by myself! Mommy and Daddy aren't too happy about this but what can they do!?!?!

Tomorrow we don't have much planned, I think me andMommy are going to meet Grandad at Sam's to get a few things. Its been pretty rainy here in Houston so we will only go if it's not raining. Friday I'm sure we will meet up with Aunt Becky and Grandad for Friday Night Dinner (we will miss having you there). On Saturday I have TWO birthday parties to go to. I'm so popular! Kaydens 2nd birthday party is at 11 and then Leahs 2nd birthday party is at 6 in Sugarland. Don't worry Mommy will take pictures of that too.
I'm off for a little nap before my bath and bottle. I love you and wish you were home with me! We all miss you and can't wait to see you. Hope you are having lots of fun!
Love, Colton

*Hugs to Uncle Bob and Cousin Clair*


Kellie's Life said...

Super Cute... I always love reading about you and Colton! He is soooo BIG now!

Greis said...

So cute! Love the sleeping picture!

Renner Romig said...

What an adorable blog! You can definitely see the creative teacher side in you come out in that blog! :op I swear our living rooms mirror each other. Our pup Ryder does the exact thing. He wants to be in on all the action just like Sadie. You're handsome little man is so adorable. I love the superman pics! I can't believe how much he looks like his daddy!!!