Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Take me out to the ball game!

The Astros season may have come to an end but Colton has only just begun to fit in his Astros clothes. I have never seen so much Astros gear. These are just a few of the many outfits we have. We not only have clothes we also have blankets, rattles, binkis, balls, bats, stuffed animals, toys, hats and a mobile...all ASTROS! We could start our own little store! Colton is already a fan...his daddy gives him no choice! :)

We even have Astros PJ's! Colton and Daddy watching a game.



Greis said...

Why should there be any other choice? I'm just askin'? Not like I'm biased or anything, I mean I only have one tattoo. LOL

Go Astros!!!!!

Robbie and Barb's Family said...

I love the baseball hat. He is such a sweetie!

Renner Romig said...

He is so darn cute! I specifically love the pic of him in the black with his tongue sticking out. That is too cute!!!