Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lots of Football and a Festival!

Our weekend started Thursday when we met Grandma and PawPaw at Rhodes Stadium for the Mayde Creek game to watch Aunt Taylor march in the band. Colton was so great during the game. He loved the band and being outside. It was an awesome Fall night!
On Saturday We went over to some friend's house to watch the UT -OU game. Although both Zak and I graduated from SFA, Zak has been a huge UT fan his whole life.
Colton got to meet lots of great friends this weekend and loved watching the game on the big screen.

Reagan and Colton played together all day. She took such good care of him. She helped me feed him, change him, She made sure he wasn't to hot or cold and she also read him tons of books!
After the game we went over to watch the Texas Tech game with Grandad. Colton was exhausted by this point, he didn't nap all day! (He is really watching the game. He loves to watch the TV. I know bad habit!)
Today we went to the Scarecrow Festival in Chapell Hill. Zak and I have been a few times over the years and I was so excited to take Colton. We didn't even get a chance to take him out of the stroller, he slept the whole time! It got very hot so we decided to head out and come home to relax.

We have had an extremely busy weekend but it's been really fun. Colton got to hang out with and meet some of our favorite people this weekend. On Friday we even went with Grandma to the car dealership where she bought a new car! (I was pictures of that!) We are so lucky that Colton is so well behaved. He is really laid back and so patient on all of our outings.


Kellie's Life said...

Hey girl! Looks like you had a GREAT weekend! I miss you- I need to come see ya'll!!

Greis said...

It was great seeing you all on Saturday. Hook'em!!! Colton was definitely the good luck charm. I'm glad ya'll made it out. Hope to see you again real soon.

David~Mandi~Hondo said...

He is growing up so fast! And do I have to mention how cute he is? Maybe I'll get to see you all this weekend sometime! Have a great rest of the week.