Monday, February 23, 2009

To Mommy's Little Man

This was the HARDEST picture to capture, by far! You'd think that as he got older it would get easier but he wanted to play, not take a picture!
Out takes and lots of pictures to follow!

Dear Colton,

Tomorrow you will be 8 months old and I can not believe how fast you are growing up. You are becoming such an amazing little guy. I knew the day you were born I'd never loved anyone quite like I loved you and each day that love grows. Daddy and I think you weigh about 20-21 lbs but I didn't want to take you to get weighed because I didn't want to take you into a germy Doctors office if you didn't need to go. Every time you meet new people, or you see friends you haven't seen in a while, they comment on how big you are. You are wearing a lot of 12 month clothes already and are growing like crazy. Some mornings I get you up and am amazed because I swear you grew overnight. You are really enjoying your "meals". You eat 3 a day and you love them all from cereal, to fruit medleys, to those stinky 'ol green're not picky! You still have 5 bottles a day but I think its just about time to loose one of those since your eating so well. Last week we were out to dinner and we noticed your first tooth. You were such a trooper, no nights full of crying like we expected. You are one tough cookie and you didn't let that tooth get to you one bit. We feel like your second tooth could pop up anytime. We can tell something is bothering you but you are still being so strong about it all. You are just full of energy and love. You are still "talking" up a storm making all kinds of noises. You are making sounds that may or may not be "da-da". Your dad practices with you every second he has so, I'm sure, that too is right around the corner. You have started to show a little favoritism towards mommy and daddy. You reach for us in your own cute little way if you want to be held or picked up and cry if we move too far away from you. It breaks our heart to see you get upset but it is one of the sweetest things you do because we know you know who we are. You are also extremely comfortable around your Nanny. You spend as much time with her as you do mommy and daddy and she knows what comforts you and what you need. You enjoy all of the time you get to spend with the rest of your family as well. We are just so lucky to have so many people around us that love you so much. You are well on your way to crawling. You have mastered moving from sitting to on your tummy you just can quite get up on your knees. If you really really want something you'll find a way to get it. You scoot along on your bottom or you push yourself on your belly backwards. You are standing up so well too. You haven't pulled yourself up on your own yet but if we stand you by something you can hold on to you can stand there all by yourself for 30 seconds or so and you are so proud of yourself. It's like you can see the whole world!

Colton, you are an absolute blessing to us. When we are having a bad day all it takes is one of your little smiles to brighten the day. Your daddy and I love you more than you'll ever know. We can't believe its been 8 months already. That first birthday is right around the corner.

Love and Hugs and Kisses,

Some outtakes from our photo shoot this afternoon! You'll see why the top picture is the best I have.

As promised some Valentine pictures and some other keepers from the last month.


Amazing Greis said...


This has just confirmed how long it has been since I've seen my favorite "little" man. Too long, for sure, and I miss him lots.


Love the pictures and can't believe how big my little C man has gotten. Give him lots of hugs and kisses and I promise I'm coming over as soon as you'll let me! :)

Jude's Mom said...

He is so cute! You're doing such a great job, too! Hard to believe he is 8 months old already.. time sure does fly with a baby.

Robbie and Barb's Family said...

Those outtakes are great! He is a busy little boy!

Renner Romig said...

Those were the funniest pics ever! I wish I had thought to take monthly pictures. I think I did that for the first 2 months but then forgot to. You are so good about that.
Your letter you wrote was so touching and brought tears to my eyes. I'm always impressed with how you both show your love for Colton. Mike was just asking me this weekend, if I had talked to you guys. We both really want to get together soon. Let's see when our spring breaks are and see if we can meet up if y'all are in town.
I really enjoyed your pics so much! Thanks for posting...they make us all smile!