Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Hunker Down"

Well, it looks like IKE is headed our way... Colton is ready for his first big hurricane!

Hurricanes are just a way of life when you live this close to the coast. Although its a little scary sometimes we feel pretty safe. We have decided to stay at home and "hunker down"! As of right now, each time we get an update the eye of the storm moves to the east just a little bit. Who knows what Mother Nature has in store? We have lots of batteries, water and food so we are prepared and hoping for the best!
I know you're thinking I'm such a dork for making Colton a shirt..but I love it! He will be wearing it tomorrow (Friday) to bring in the storm!!!


Greisie said...

Too freakin' cute! I'm hunkered down not too far from you. I feel safe in my 3rd floor apartment. Not looking too great for Galveston right now. Water is already rising and the actual storm is still about 200 miles south. Though, I am sick of 24 hour news coverage.

I am Trish Marie said...

Honestly, if my parents did have a four bedroom house waiting for us in Bastrop, we wouldn't have budged either....