Friday, June 13, 2008

Change of plans...No Dr. today!

So...I have been very very anxiously awaiting my Dr. visit today, as most of you know. I am desperate to see if I have progressed any from a week and a half ago. I had an appointment today at 10:45 but my Dr. is stuck in surgery and won't make it in to the office today. This usually isn't a big deal because there are two nurse practitioners in her office that take over if need be. Well, unfortunately not on Fridays! :( So I have an appointment on Monday at 1:30 and will just have to wait. We have a pretty busy weekend ahead of us so hopefully that will keep me occupied. I'm not doing well just sitting around. Im just too uncomfortable! On Saturday we are taking Zak's 4 wheeler to Baytown for repairs (which I'm sure will turn into a whole day in good 'ol Baytown) and then on Sunday we have Father's Day celebrations all day. Hopefully the weekend will go by fast and I'll get in to see the Dr. on Monday. As you can tell, I am not good at waiting! Really, who wishes their weekend would go by fast? I guess that's what happens when you are not working. Oh the joys of teaching!!!!!


I am Trish Marie said...

My friend, Rachel, just had the same thing happen. Maybe you guys have the same doc? She was supposed to see her doctor today to schedule her induction for Monday, but the doctor was stuck in surgery. However, they did call her back and schedule her. And? She is actually going to have a C-section on Monday.

Sorry you weren't able to see your doc! Maybe you will have him before Monday!

Greisie said...

I still say that Colton will be making his debut this weekend. I've got my fingers crossed!!!!!

Leah J. said...

Do some yard work, eat some mexican food, get a pedicure ... I think those things will encourage Colton to arrive this weekend :) They've worked for several of my friends :)