Saturday, May 28, 2011

The day you were born...

Dear Chase,
The day you were born, May 24, 2011, will forever hold one of the most special places in my heart as one of my all time favorite days. You're daddy and I decided that I would be induced when we found out Dr. Kirkman would be out of town around your due date. Dr. Kirkman assured us you and I would both be ready for delivery around May 23rd or 24th. When I heard the date of May 24th come up I got very excited. From the day we found out your due date was June 3rd I thought about how much I'd like you to be a May baby. I didn't want you and your big brother to have to share a birthday month. Birthdays are a big deal around here and we wanted you guys to both have as much birthday to yourself as possible. The more I thought about the month of May, I thought about how cool it would be for you to be born on May 24th since your brothers birthday was June 24th. I figured that would be pretty impossible until the day I was sitting in Dr. Ks office and she said that would be a great day to have you. I agreed and the date was set.
For a week or two before you were born I had trouble sleeping. I would wake up in the middle of the night ready to go, excited about what was to come. I knew the night before induction would be no different. I went straight to sleep pretty early but woke up at 3 am. I layed in bed and prayed about the day. I prayed mostly that you'd be healthy and that all would go smoothly. At 4 am, I got up and took a little time to myself. I wasn't sure if I should eat but I had peanut butter toast and a banana. Turns out I made a good choice. I woke your dad up at 5:15 or so and we both got ready to head up to the hospital. If they didn't have room for us they would have called by about 5 so I was sure things were a go and I was so anxious. At around 6 your brother woke up and I was so excited that I got to see him before we left. We talked about you and when you would be coming out of Mommy's belly. Colton was so excited to meet you. At about 6:15 Nanny and Grandad came over to stay with Colton and we headed off to the hospital. Your dad wanted to stop at Bucces for a drink and I was a nervous wreck. I just wanted to get to the hospital and get checked in so we could know you would for sure be here that day. When we arrived at the hospital we unpacked our bags and headed up to Labor and Delivery. The ride up one floor was a long ride, I felt sick I was so anxious. We checked in at the front and they said they had no paper work on me. I started to panic that they wouldn't let me stay. The lady was so sweet. She found me a nurse and we were sent back to get ready. A weight was lifted off my shoulders because I knew there was no turning back now. Next time I walked out if that hospital you'd be in my arms. Out nurse, Shaw, was not the friendliest talkative nurse. We wanted her to share in our excitement for the day. Our first impression of her was not good but she turned out to be an amazing nurse who knew all the tricks to get you here as fast as you would come. I got changed and got into bed. At 7:20 nurse Shaw started an IV and at 8 she checked me and told me I was still at the same point as I was when I was in Dr. Ks office a week ago. At 8:05 Oxytocin was started and right away I started to feel my contractions. They weren't too bad definitely something I could handle. The nurse said Dr. K was on her way to break my water and I was a little scared. It was all happening so much faster then I remembered with your brother. At 8:45 my water was broken and by 9:45 I was 4-5 CM and they wanted to give me the epidural. I was a little hesitant because I wasn't sure if it was too early and I didn't want it to wear off. The pain of the contractions was getting a little worse but was still very manageable. At 10 am nurse Shaw said it was the perfect time to have the epidural, so I did. The epidural hurt and I was scared but the anesthesiologist was wonderful. Although I had thought the pain wasn't too bad from the contractions, I felt a million times better. I had been a bit on edge til the epidural. Through out the morning all of our family started to arrive and by the time the epidural was given most every one had arrived. Everyone came in and hung out for a little bit but I started to feel sick. They gave me some medicine and oxygen and I tried to nap. At 11:30 they checked me again and I had only progressed a little bit. I thought for sure I'd be in labor for quite some time at this point and everyone started taking dibs on what time youd be here. @, 3:30, 6, and 8 pm were just a few of the numbers I heard. I didn't like the sound of any of these the morning had gone so quickly I was ready to have you in my arms and I was getting really hungry. I was a little let down. I started to feel a little different within the next hour. I could feel pressure and a little pain from the contractions. At 12:30 they checked me again and I knew I had progressed but was thinking I still had some time. I was thinking I might even be able to get a little nap before I had to push. A nap was not going to happen for me. I was 10 cm and you were on your way. Everyone came in with lots of excitement and said their goodbyes and it was time to push. I pushed three times and Nurse Shaw told me to stop and called the Dr. (She also called the cafeteria and told them to hold me a lunch trey. I told you she turned out to be a good nurse!) We waited for Dr. Kirkman for about 10 or 15 minutes, even though it felt like a lifetime. She came in and I started pushing. 7 pushes later, at 12:53 pm, you were here in my arms and I was in love. I have to admit, it all happened so quickly I couldn't believe it and I was in a little bit of shock. I just held you and stared at you.
They took you to a small bed right next to me and cleaned you up. I watched you. You were so perfect. Your cry was so sweet. I watched your daddy too. He was so in love. He just stood over you and smiled. You were here and our family was complete.
They got you all cleaned up and I fed you then we invited all of the family back in to meet you. You have no idea how lucky you are to have so many people love you so much. So many of our loved ones were able to be there the day you were born to hold you and love you. After Nanny, Grandad and Baa met you they rushed off to get your big brother at Cousin Kellys house. We were all so excited for the two of you to meet. We didn't know if Colton would understand just how small you were because earlier in the day when he was talking to Grandad he told him he wanted to come get you and go outside to play. When Colton arrived it was just the 4 of us. He came right up too you and gently touched your head and in the sweetest voice said "HI." I could tell he was in love and he understood just how fragile and small you were. I knew right then that you'd be best buds for life. While I was pregnant you and I took a trip to ToysRUs and picked out a ton of goodies we knew Colton would love. Mommy wrapped it up in a bag with Coltons name on one side and "Big Brother" on the other. We gave Colton his gift from you and he gave you a stuffed orange and yellow giraffe that he picked out just for you. We spent some time as a family alone then let everyone come back in to love on you some more. We got to spend most of the evening in the big Labor and Delivery room with everyone coming and going and late that night they moved the three of us to a small cozy room where we would be til we brought you home.
Chase, you are so special to us. We loved you before you were even in our arms but now that you're here we can imagine life without you.
Love, Mommy

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AmazingGreis said...

So sweet! Can't wait to see you, Zak, Colt and Baby Chase!!! XOXO