Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Week of Brotherly Love

It's been a week since Big Brother met Little Brother. Colton is so in love.
And is always watching over his little brother.

He loves to hold him.

He's never too far away from him.

And always checks on him first thing in the morning.

He likes to cuddle him.

Watch him.

Snuggle him.

And talk to him.

Yesterday, he even showed him all of his toys.

You know it's love

because he let Chase sleep with his favorite camo pillow that no ones allowed to use but Colton.

I already know these two are going to grow up to be the best of friends. Colton is doing amazingly well with Chase. He doesn't miss an opportunity to kiss, hug, hold, check on , or tell him "I love you". It melts my heart to see the two of them together.

Today we also went in for Chases 1 week check up.

Here he is with Dr. Leonardo. We love her!

Weight-7lbs 2 oz-22%

Height-19 3/4 inch-32%

Head-13 3/4-43%

Things went really well. Our one concern was that he seems to get very choked up during feeds. He cant catch his breath and even sometimes turns purple around the mouth. I think he just drinks too quickly. He chokes 4 or 5 times a day when feeding. Last night Zak was giving him a bottle and he choked very badly. It was scary. Really really scary. The Dr. assured us he was just learning and he would catch his breath. Its nice to hear her reassurance but we still hate that this happens and are praying he gets the hang of it very quickly. Its not a fun situation for anyone. The Dr. thought he was still a little yellow so she ran another test for Jandice. She said she was pretty sure it would come back fine since he was already a week old and eating really well. We will hear about those results later today. Aside from that she thought things were going really well and we don't have to go back for 2 more months.

This time last week Chase was one hour old.

We are so happy to have him home and healthy.

What a blessing!


The McAlister's said...

How sweet! He already looks like he has grown since we have seen him last! Is that even possible!?! You have such a sweet Big Brother there at the house to help you, who need Dad? J/K I know you will be fine, you're a pro at being a Mom!

AmazingGreis said...

Colton is such a great BIG brother!!! So glad things are going so well!! XOXO

Missy said...

Hi Catherine. Thanks for your comment. So fun that our boys are just days apart! Hope your first day alone goes well. Just remember nothing else needs to be done except enjoy your boys and it will be a success!

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