Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

I had a great, lazy, relaxing Mother's Day this year. It's my last Mother's Day as a mommy of one. Next Mothers Day I'll have an almost 4 year old and an almost 1 year old. WOW!

On Thursday Colton gave me this at the door when I went to pick him up. His teacher tried desperately to get him to say "Happy Mother's Day" but there was just too much going on. When we got home he randomly started saying "Happy Mudder's Day" and giving me hugs. SO sweet! Sunday was a lazy relaxing day. Zak wanted to make or take me for breakfast but I had a tough uncomfortable night and I really wasn't in the mood for a big breakfast so I decided I'd just have cereal. He also had big plans to let me sleep in but I was up, alone, at 6:45 until about 8:15. (Of course Colton sleeps in on a day I can't sleep!)

We spend a lot of time outside and for a while now I've wanted a new chair to sit in while Colton plays. Months ago we went to Bass Pro Shop and I sat in this chair. I fell in love. Zak and his good memory remembered. My Mothers Day present was that chair. It is so comfy. I love it! I also got the sweetest homemade card from Zak and Colt.

Colton and I spent the day on Saturday with my mommy celebrating Mother's Day with her. My mom is so amazing and has been such a blessing my whole life, especially since having Colton. I do not know what I'd do without her.

Sunday Zak's parents came over. Lori, my mother in law, made me this canvas and got this book for Colton. Very sweet, Thank you Lori.

(Sorry don't know why this pic wouldn't flip.)

Zak, Colton and I went to HEB for a couple groceries, along with all the Dads in Cypress. Then, we came home to get a few things done around the house and ready for Chase. It was actually a very productive day, and the best kind of productive day because I didn't have to do any of it! For dinner we went to Potbellys for sandwiches and dessert. Zak said I could choose anywhere but that's what Chase and I were craving and it was perfect!

Unfortunately, Chase didn't give me much of a break on Mother's Day. Yesterday was by far the most uncomfortable day of my entire pregnancy. I was so thankful Zak was home to help with Colton, I'm positive I couldn't have gotten through yesterday without him. I think it was just Chases way of telling me he's on his way! :) Which is a wonderful present.

I am blessed beyond measure. Thank you to Zak and Colton for making my day wonderful.

I love you both more than you'll ever know!

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AmazingGreis said...

Happy Mother's Day! Glad it was a good day with family!! Can't wait to meet Chase!